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The Chausie is one of the exotic cats we look at in this article Welcome to our complete guide to exotic cats. Looking at the different types of exotic cat, and whether you might like to bring one into your home. Chausie Cat Breed Information, Facts, Photos, Care Pets4Homes See more. World Exotic Cats- the rarest and unique cats in the world. At the moment our cattery is one of the two in the world who produced these valuable kittens. Many breeders in different countries try to receive the kittens of hybrid of the first generation from caracal and domestic pedigree cat.

An Exotic Domestic Cat that Looks Like a Cougar But Acts Like a Very Smart Dog. A long, lean, majestic cat partially derived from jungle origins many centuries ago, the Chausie pronounced "chow-see" is a domestic breed that has the stunning looks of a wild cougar. Though it is a misnomer the term designer cat has been coined for nondomestic hybrid source breeds, such as the Chausie, Bengal, and Savannah. The domestic Chausie Cat origins were from breeding a nondomestic species, the Jungle cat Felis chaus with a domestic house cat Abyssinian cat.

Chausie cats are very loving animals and quite affectionate. Most have a very sweet nature. Most common house cats have charming personalities though, others can be quite obnoxious. Each cat can and will have their own individual unique personalities. They also make more than adequate thieves. Chausie cats are intelligent, sweet, loyal, and energetic. Often I hear the term dog like personality as a descriptive phrase for the the Chausie cat. They enjoy playing fetch and retrieve. Most enjoy the water. For the right home and human family this domestic cat makes a perfectly charming pet. - Chausie - Chausie Cat - Exotic Pets at. Depending on lineage, Chausie cats can be up to 30 pounds, making them one of the few giant cat breeds. They have long, powerful, supple bodies, and an unusually short tail, sometimes half the length one might expect given the size of the cat. The Chausie cat is most easily described as looking like a miniature cougar or mountain lion.

Would you like an exotic, large, loving house cat? This is your cat! These Chausie X Savannah X Bengal Kittens were born on 6/30/14. They will be ready for their new home on 8/30/14. I have 2 boys and 1 girl The girl is the lightest grey/white one on the couch They are extremely friendly and have been exposed to many people and other animals.

Savannah cats were created by crossing your average house cat with the African Serval. They contain a minimal amount of exotic cat genes, but they look like miniature tigers that just stepped out of the jungle. Photo by Erlon3 via Flickr. 4 – Chausie. This rare French breed can grow up to three feet long and weigh 18-35 pounds! When we think about how similar domestic cats and wild cats are, it's a a wonder we manage to live with them at all. Fortunately for us, although there are domestic cats that look like leopards and other wildcats, many of them still choose to be our friends. Savannah cats are a spotted domestic cat breed started in the 1980's. Developed to give the impression of grandeur and dignity of a wildcat with a cheetah type appearance, expressive eyes highlighted by dark tear stains, vibrant coat colors, solid contrasting black spots, huge sonar-like ears and long legs.

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